Online betting offers

Betting Offers Available in the Philippines

The onus is on online bookmakers to recruit new bettors these days, thanks to how much competition they face online, and you no longer have to settle for second rate markets, prices and odds simply because your options on where you are able to lay bets are limited. One of the main results of this kind of rivalry is that a host of free deals are made, in an attempt to have you sign up for one bookmaker’s services rather than another’s, and bettors are able to pick and choose between a variety of very generous offers of this kind. Essentially allowing you to lay wagers with money other than your own, there is not a lot to complain about when it comes to reviewing a bookmaker at which to start making bets. Just be sure and familiarise yourself with all the terms and conditions these offers are attached to, and you will be able to make full use of them without any difficulty or frustration further down the line.

Different Free Bet Offers on Hand

Welcome bets are by far the most popular offering, and these generally require very little from the individual claiming them. Your account will usually be credited with the amount outlined in the deal within a matter of hours, if not instantly, and you will be able to claim it quickly and easily. The most widespread of these are deposit bonus, matched bet bonus and free bet bonus, with details varying from casino to casino and offer to offer.

Online betting offers are also provided to reward loyal bettors, and these will be linked to various events and new product marketing efforts. Look out for reload bonuses, where you will be offered an incentive to make a deposit into your bookmaking account, cash back specials that give you some of your money back, and enhanced payouts on specific bets.

Cash back specials are sometimes awarded to bettors who have made a very particular bet, like whether or not a certain player will receive a red card during a soccer match.  Enhanced payouts can have you collecting on odds that double or triple on successful bets, and you will be able to collect significantly higher payouts if yours prove to have been the correct ones. Make sure to keep your eye on the portion of the bookmaker’s website that has details on offers like these to make sure you never miss an opportunity.

Choosing a Philippine Online Bookmaker

However tempting offers like these may sound, do not base your membership at a bookmaker purely on the strength of its free offers. Make sure that it meets all your other needs, in terms of markets for sporting, racing and other betting activities, as well as a good range of banking options and high standards of customer care. It is generally advised that bettors have at least three bookmakers to compare odds, markets and prices between, as this ensures that you are able to make the best selection each time. Even a small difference in price can mean a lot when you collect your payout, so choose carefully and do your homework before laying any money down.

Robyn Barnes