The Best Horse Racing Breeds In The World

Humans domesticated horses thousands of years ago, and thanks to many generations of selective breeding, we’ve created entirely new breeds for specific purposes. While many of these breeds no longer really serve the purposes that we bred them for, some still do, which includes racing breeds.

There are a number of great horse racing breeds out there, and each one is worth knowing for those that like to closely follow horse racing betting and always have the edge. Let’s take a look at some of the most well-known horse racing breeds around.


Most people have probably heard of the Thoroughbred at one point or another. These large, powerful horses were bred to be both extremely fast and have plenty of stamina and are widely considered to be among the best racing horses of all time.

There’s a common misconception that the name thoroughbred refers to any kind of horse that is pure-bred, but it’s actually a specific breed that was bred from the Arabian, Turkish Stallion, and the Barb during the 17th century. What we bred was a horse that was bigger than all of its ancestors, packed with more muscle, and generally with a great temperament, although some Thoroughbreds are known for having quite a temper.


The Arabian was originally found in the Arabian Peninsula, where they roamed free. Their sleek builds meant that they were typically the fastest animals around, and its their impressive speed that first drew humans to them. The breed is considered the very oldest in the world, and all other breeds can trace their ancestry back to the Arabian at one point or another.

While they are not as big as other breeds, they are known for their speed and stamina as well as their unique colouring. While a Thoroughbred might pack more stamina on the track, there is no other breed around that can keep up with an Arabian when it comes to sheer overall speed.

Quarter Horse

This breed is currently the most popular in the United States and is among the very oldest recognised breeds within the country. They tend to be quite short and muscular, and make both great racing and work horses, which a part of the reason that they are so popular. Today, the Quarter Horse isn’t found racing as much as it once was, and has become the choice breed for recreational riding, or as a pet, perfect to leave in the garden while checking out NRL sports betting odds. Regardless, the Quarter Horse is by no means slow, and can run up to 88km/h when going flat out on the track.


Next up is the Standardbred, which is the breed of choice when it comes to harness racing in particular. A fairly large animal, the Standardbred can track its ancestry to the United States, where it was bred specifically for harness racing. While harness racing is not quite as popular as it once was, the Standardbred is still very much thriving.

Robyn Barnes