A Beginner’s Guide To Racing Forms

Horse racing betting is one of the easiest kinds of betting to get started with. The rules are straightforward, there are a lot of bets to choose from, and for the most part it’s very forgiving to the beginner bettor just wanting to learn the ropes. There are numerous ways and methods that a bettor can use to improve their game, and to win on a more frequent basis without having to blow through their betting budget.

One of the most efficient ways of significant increasing the chance of winning a bet is becoming familiar with racehorse forms, something that all bettors will want to become acquainted with sooner than later.

What Is A Racing Form?

In horse racing, a racing form is a record of the performance of a given horse, along with some statistics related to the animal. It’s essentially a record of that horse’s career on the tracks and is one of the most powerful tools that a bettor has available to them. Learning how to read, understand, and dissect racing forms can reap great benefits to the industrious bettor.

Where Can I Find Them?

Traditionally, racehorse forms consist of a book that’s released around once a year and were considered as something of an investment for the bettor wanting to find more success at the tracks.

But with the internet at hand, it’s easier than ever to get hold of racing forms of every shape and size imaginable. They can be downloaded directly offline, found on websites, and there is even software available that can be used to get a hold of the latest form information as it hits the mainstream.

Many feel that this is the golden age of sports betting, partly due to the incredible accessibility that has made it easier than ever to find the information, statistics, and more.

Important Form Information

When getting a form for the first time, there can be a huge amount of information to try and digest. It’s a good idea to take the time and break down the sections. Knowing the abbreviations can make a big difference in how much time is spent reading the form without constantly checking indexes over and over. There are abbreviations for race types, such as “app”, which stands for “apprentice race.”

Sex and colour also have abbreviations, as well as other parts of the race and statistics about the animal. After a while, knowing what these abbreviations means will be second nature to the experienced bettor, allowing them to choose better odds, similarly to the sports bettor that knows what odds to choose in NFL Super Bowl odds.

The Form Is Used To Win

There are countless strategies being sold online, but the best investment of time for most bettors is learning how to scan a racehorse form quickly and efficiently. It will give the bettor the power to immediately spot a horse that has a better chance of winning an event, while also improving reductionist skills and being able to remove those competitors that are more likely to lose the race.

Robyn Barnes