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Betting Guides Available for Philippinos

Whether you have vast experience in the world of betting or are just discovering how much fun it is to make money from an educated guess, the guides available at the bookmakers offering Philippine residents the opportunity to cash in on sporting events happening all around the world will most certainly improve your overall experience. They provide information on all the different types of bets available for various sports, racing and other betting events, and you will not only be able to add some new ways to wager on activities you have enjoyed for years, but may be able to expand your general betting horizons into the bargain as well.

Different Bet Types Available Online

The first thing you will notice when you start making use of an online betting guide is that there are far more wagers for you to choose from besides the straight win or lose option so usually associated with sports, racing and other betting activities. Once you have a handle on how these bets are laid, and what exactly they cover, you will be able to enrich your online betting experience as a whole, and may well find yourself winning more money more often into the bargain.

Moneyline bets are those that take into account neither a handicap nor a spread, and the team seen as more likely to win will always offer bettors far lower odds. Bookmakers assign handicaps to teams in spread betting, in an effort to persuade bettors to lay wagers on the underdog. In an American basketball game between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers, for example, the Warriors may be perceived as more likely to triumph. They will be accorded points to read W -2, with the Lakers being designated L +2. If you chose to support the Warriors in this game, they would need to win by more than three points in order for you to collect your payout.

A teaser bet is one that allows the Philippine bettor to bring together bets laid on two entirely separate games. You will be able to adjust the point’s spreads for each, but will collect a lower return on the bets if they prove to be winning ones. These bets are very popular for football and basketball games, and you will be able to choose to combine between two and up to 15 teams. Super teasers, as they are sometimes known, allow bettors to choose up to five teams, and allows for a bigger amount of points to subtract or add to the spreads for each. The second type of teaser bet, sometimes called a Vegas teaser, will have the bettor receiving fewer points with which he or she is able to adjust the spread, but collecting higher returns if the bet proves to be successful.

Find a Philippine Bookmaker with Ease Online

Finding a licensed, regulated bookmaker that welcomes Philippine bettors is very easily done, and you will be able to use the multitude of reviews available online that will offer you the information you require to make an informed choice at once.

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