Exotic Match Betting Online Options for NRL Games

Fans of the National Rugby League, or NRL, enjoy wagering on outcomes other than the basic results of the games, and there are many popular exotic wagers for these to enjoy, including first try scorer; first scoring play; and 40/20 kicks.

There are four different scoring plays in NRL matches:

  1. A try, worth four points
  2. A conversion, worth two points
  3. A penalty goal, worth two points
  4. A field goal, worth one point

Because conversions cannot be scored before a try is, there are in fact only three first-scoring play possibilities for each of the teams taking part, and both penalty and field goals are uncommon methods of breaking the deadlock.

The first try scorer wager is a lottery because, during NRL games, every player on the field has a reasonable chance of being the athlete to achieve this, as opposed to those playing Australian Rules football games; football; or even rugby union games. This, however, does not seem affect this wagers popularity, and amounts of around 10 are standard for these bets.

The 40/20 kick bet is a facet of NRL games that has teams being rewarded for making accurate long kicks during the game’s general play. The risks associated with attempting these kicks are high, but so are the rewards, especially as regards ball retention and field position. Punters are able to lay wagers on whether or not there will be successful 40/20 kicks, and can collect significant returns if their estimations prove to be correct.

Helpful NRL Online Betting Strategies

There are a number of online betting strategies that can prove helpful to punters who enjoy betting on NRL games, with these including:

  1. Opposing teams that are without their favourite playmaker

Not all positions were created equal: the most important ones are the fullback; five-eighth; halfback; and hooker, also known as one; six; seven and nine. These are so vital because the players are able to make contact with the ball more often than those in other positions. Bettors should oppose teams who are obliged to play without one or more of their usual playmakers, as this is often an extraordinary disadvantage.

  1. Oppose teams that are backing up from games played on Monday nights

NRL games are brutal, taking heavy tolls on their players, and every bit of recovery time possible is necessary for these athletes to give their best. If one team is playing with more than two days of rest than the other, punters should consider siding with the team that has this advantage going for them.

Finding NRL Bookmakers on the World Wide Web

Punters interested in getting more involved with their favourite sport by betting on it will easily be able to find a trustworthy, reputable, legitimate NRL betting site in Aus to meet their needs online. Thanks to the massive increase in online gambling of all kinds, security software is able to keep punters’ information totally safe and secure, and make sure that they are never in danger of compromising their financial information when they go online to get betting.

Robyn Barnes