Points Spread Markets for NFL Betting Online

Since the points for American football games come, for the most part, in groups of threes and sevens, this influences how the spreads for the games are set. A team that is expected to win the game may be favoured by two touchdowns, or 14 points, and a close game will most usually have a three-point spread attached.

Punters will very infrequently see spreads like -8 or -5, since it is rare for a game to end up with this winning margin, and point spreads usually range from a pick ‘em, or no spread, up to around 21 points. It is very rare for a game to feature a spread of 21+, although it has happened. Most NFL games, however, are expected to be closely contested ones, and so the spreads for the majority of them is less than ten points.

Totals Markets for NFL Betting Online

Totals for NFL games usually range from around 35 points up to a maximum of 60, but these numbers depend heavily on which teams are involved in the games; the weather on the day of the match; the overall playing conditions the players will have to contend with; and the stakes in place for play.

Playoff games are generally lower scoring ones, since the defences ramp up the intensity of their play, and outdoor NFL games will always have to factor in weather when it comes to predicting their outcome. Recent changes in the rules that give emphasis to the passing game have caused these totals to increase slightly, and the kickoff has moved up, which means more touchbacks, and this has also had an effect on bookmakers’ totals.

Tips for More Successful NFL Online Betting

When it comes to online sports betting on NFL games, it is always advised that punters hunt up bookmakers that offer the fairest value on their spreads. The best way to determine this is for the punter to compare a number of different sportsbooks, or make use of the services of a comparison site that does so, and see if the one that he or she is interested in falls in line with the numbers given at other websites. This is especially important as far as the juice, or commission that the bookmaker takes is concerned. If the majority of bookmakers are offering a line at -3 (-110) but the one that the punter has selected shows -3 (-115) or even -3 (-120), then he or she should consider either betting on the underdog, if that team’s win is a possibility, or finding a new place to lay a wager. Some bookmakers are not above trying to rip punters off, or give them poor value, and it is best that bettors remain aware of this fact and do their homework.

Punters will have no trouble finding bets on the spread for NFL games, or the moneyline; total for first halves; totals for second halves; and even totals for quarters at certain sportsbooks. The fact of the matter is that this game provides a nigh unlimited source of real money action for bettors, thanks to the fact that each week of the year features as many games as it does.

Robyn Barnes