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Mobile Keno Guide for New Zealanders

An exceptionally stimulating lottery-style casino game that has come to be enjoyed by millions of people around the globe, Keno is a game that proves very easy to understand regardless of whether the punter interested is new to the world of gambling or not.

This game of chance is one of many that has been developed to be enjoyed on an online platform, with mobile keno now available at just about all of the world’s leading online casinos. New Zealanders appear to be no different from the rest of the world and have shown great interest in this long-time favourite.

With the majority of society living in a fast-paced community, there is no doubt that they convenience and accessibility of mobile keno is something to be desired in New Zealand, it is simply a matter of choosing where to get started.

Play for Fun or for Real Money

Any New Zealanders that are in search of some higher stakes and exciting action should ultimately select a casino that allows them to access their games on a mobile platform and with mobile keno on their list of games, of course.

In mobile mode, punters will be able to make their deposits with ease, and thus win real money should they receive the privilege of winning, and with the stakes often being high this could be a very lucrative experience for some.

There is also the option to play mobile keno for free as well, for those that simply wish to play in their leisure time or for those new to the game and looking to get a practice round in before they risk any real money. This, of course, means that no real money will be won.

How to Play Mobile Keno

Mobile keno does not really differ from the keno found in land-based casinos, aside from the fact that is unlikely that players are going to find the keno girls walking around them taking in the numbers like they do in the Vegas casinos.

those unfamiliar with the rules, mobile keno in New Zealand involves punters predicting 10 out of 20 numbers that will be drawn in each game. Punters essentially need to choose 10 out of a selection of 80 numbers and they will then be rewarded should they guess correctly.

Variants of Mobile Keno

Mobile keno has gained a huge amount of popularity amongst punters, and not simply in New Zealand. Millions of people showing such great interest in the game has essentially pushed game developers to look for new and exciting ways of playing the game.

This means that punters are able to access a handful of keno variations that are offered at some of the world’s best mobile casinos. One such variation is Neptune’s keno, which offers a heartwarming underwater experience and is a great companion to slots NZ games

Those that love the favoured pastime of horse racing can also engage in Grand National Keno that offers a combination of the 2 and lastly, Bingo Keno extreme, which offers a mixture of both Keno and Bingo.


Robyn Barnes