keno NZ

A Guide to Playing Keno NZ

Anyone lucky enough to visit the world’s gambling capital, Las Vegas, will have been exposed to some excellent entertainment in the form of Keno girls that are employed to constantly walk around casinos and collect bets while the guests relax and wait for a win.

This may very well be considered an unparalleled experience to many, the option to enjoy this classic casino game is still available in New Zealand.

There are just 6 brick and mortar casinos that can be found across New Zealand, so it would originally appear that finding Keno NZ is something of a difficult task, however, there are numerous online opportunities at the fingertips of any punter who is interested in engaging in some great Keno action.

Play Online Keno NZ

Those unfamiliar with Keno NZ certainly shouldn’t be discouraged to learn as it actually stands as one of the gambling world’s easiest games to understand.

Keno NZ involves 20 numbers being drawn in every game, where punters will simply need to predict the outcome of the draw by choosing 10 numbers out of a selection of 80.

The stakes that punters living in New Zealand are able to find will vary from casino to casino and from player to player, so it is ultimately a matter of how much they are willing to bet, or better yet how much they are looking to win.

Fortunately, there are also numerous sites that offer free online Keno NZ, allowing those new to the game the chance to understand and get a practise round in before risking any real money.

Variants of Keno NZ

A long list of international online casinos welcoming Kiwis to their offshore establishments means that there are a large number of Keno variants that are available to New Zealand punters.

Along with the classic Keno NZ that punters have come to know and love, there is also the option of playing Neptune’s Keno, which boasts a fantastic underwater experience, as well as Grand National Keno that offers a mash-up of Keno and horse racing.

Lastly, punters that enjoy the game of bingo as well as Keno NZ will be able to find Bingo Keno Extreme at many offshore casinos.

Strategies for Keno NZ

Punters need to bear in mind that it has been calculated that on average 25 percent of all of the winning numbers that are drawn in New Zealand Keno are actually numbers that won in the last draw, while 44 percent of them are either repeat hits or repeats from the game before the last.

Punters will need to choose only half of the numbers drawn in Keno NZ to win the jackpot, and with this knowledge of repeats counting as close to half of winning numbers, it is not as hard as it may appear.

Moreover, if there are 1 or 2 drawings that have had fewer than 5 hits on repeat, punters can ultimately expect that the next draw will have a number of repeat hits that is higher than average.

Robyn Barnes