The Greatest Jockeys Of All Time

The jockey is the person that takes part in professional horse racing, namely as the riders of the horses on the track. Without the jockeys there right in the heart of the race, the horse would be able to direct itself, nor would be feel motivated enough to race against other horses.

This means that jockeys are an integral part of the horse racing experience, and without them, both historic and modern horse racing would simply not exist.

Here we will pay tribute to a selection of some of the most famous and successful jockeys ever to have been a part of the exciting world of professional horse racing.

1. Ruby Welsh

Ruby Welsh is widely considered as the best professional jockey within the United Kingdom as well as Ireland. His career is overflowing with thousands of victories – 2500, in fact – and it’s believed that has been able to win millions in winnings.

Not only is he a legend his fans and followers, but Welsh is beloved by even his fellow jockeys. There’s no doubt that Welsh will always be remembered as one of the greats.

2. Bill Shoemaker

Even among people that have no interest in horse racing, it’s not uncommon to hear the mention of Bill Shoemaker’s name. This is because Shoemaker has a career that’s not far from perfect, and his incredible skills on the track quickly earned him a reputation among fans of the thrilling sport.

With almost 9000 races to his name, and a reported $123 millions in terms of how much he made in his career, Shoemaker has been nothing short of a true success. It’s a career that Shoemaker built over four decades, and it’s one has inspired an entirely new generation of competitive horse riders.

3. Ap Mccoy

While Ap Mccoy might not have quite as many wins under his belt as some of the other entries on this list, his 4300 victories are still nothing of incredible. But for Mccoy, it wasn’t about the number of wins that he’s earned but rather his other achievements that make him stand out.

For instance, he was named Champion Jockey for 20 consecutive seasons in a row and is the only jockey to be given the BBC Sports Personality Of The Year, an achievement that skyrocketed him into the limelight.

4. Laffit Pincay Jr.

When it comes to impressive numbers, Laffit Pincay Jr. holds the top spot, alongside professional online bingo NZ players. This is due mainly to his $237 millions in winnings over the course of his career, one that consists of over 9500 races in total.

He would be a prominent rider for more than 50 years and was the only jockey to win so many races over a single career. There are still many that would remember some of his most memorable moments while racing, including his wins at the 1986 Breeders Cup Classic, as well as the Kentucky Derby that took place in 1984.

Robyn Barnes