All about Pokies tournaments

Pokies Tournaments

For New Zealand players, pokies may seem like a one man show, just them against the machine.  Playing pokies is not about beating other players, it is basically spin the reels and hope they hit the jackpot, collect the winnings and keep spinning.  Pokies tournaments offer New Zealand players a whole new gaming experience as players are up against other pokies players and not only against the machine.

How to Play Pokies Tournaments

The difference between playing pokies the usual way and joining a pokies tournament is that players will not pay for each spin, but they will pay a fee when they sign up to play.  This fee may be a combination of a buy-in, which will go into the pool, and the entry fee, which the online casino will use as commission.  When the tournament starts players are given a certain amount of coins, these coins are not real money, but a way to keep track of who is winning.  The online casinos will give players a set time to spend their coins; this time will vary depending on the casino.  The aim of a pokies tournament is for New Zealand players to win as much as they can in the time allotted.

When the tournament is completed the player who has the most coins will win the biggest prize and be declared the winner overall.  The prizes that are paid out to the players are taken from the prize pool collected from all the entry fees.  Some online casinos will also put in extra money to give as prizes.  Some pokies tournaments will offer a guaranteed amount of money which is not dependent on the amount of players while others will also have prize payouts for all the players not only the overall winner.

Tips for Playing Pokies Online

New Zealand pokies players will know that this game is all about luck, but there are a few tips which can help players get the most out of a pokies tournament.

Players should try their best to use all of their coins and ensure that nothing is left when the tournament comes to an end.  Those last few coins could mean the difference between winning big or losing.  Some pokies tournaments require speed while others do not and players must adjust their spinning strategy accordingly.  When playing tournaments using more complex pokies machines players should ensure that they are familiar with the game so that there are no disappointments from a mistake, which could have been avoided.  Players should look out for certain things such as bonus games.  If the game has two bonus options players should review which one offers the best payouts and which one is safe.  Players need to make wise decisions; often having to think on their feet so it is very important to know all there is to know about the game.  The best way to do this is to try out pokies games for free as players can spin the reels and try out the bonus games before betting real money.

Playing in pokies tournaments online offers New Zealand players the chance to try out their spinning skills against other pokies players. Pokies do not have to be a solitary game played against the machine.

Robyn Barnes