online casino bonuses

The Foundationals of Casino Bonuses

Prior to discussing what types of casino bonuses are available, a baseline picture of the overriding ethos should be painted. The bonus system is fundamentally designed on a win-win basis. The player gains by receiving some amazing financial benefits that are essential to successful wagering while the casino generates turnover. It should, therefore, be appreciated that there are turnover conditions attached to the bonuses.

Clearing these casino bonuses, or meeting the wagering requirements may seem like hard work, but players should appreciate the casinos commitment, set-up costs and effort that goes into these bonuses. And, of course, the real possibility these bonuses have of generating winnings for the players. The turnover or wagering requirements are stipulated by casinos in their membership agreements. Players are required to wager at certain levels, to conduct an amount of site turnover in order to be able to withdraw any bonus or its proceeds.

There is, however, quite a wide variety of wagering requirements, and these are related to the specific bonus offering. There will generally be a set number of times that a player needs to play through the combined deposit and bonus amount, creating a level of betting action that has to be achieved. Once these have been met, however, withdrawals can be made freely.

Types of Bonus to Look Out For

The competition for loyal and regular players, and members, is evident. To attract and retain these valuable visitors, online casino bonuses are offered. These could be offered freely, or under certain conditions, as an incentive to becoming a member, making a deposit, being loyal, referring others or just spending time at the casino.

There are several different basic categories of casino bonuses. The first prize when looking for bonuses is the casino cash back bonus. This lucrative bonus pays the player back the cash they have lost in the form of cash or credit. The percentage cash back and the timeframe involved, vary from casino to casino and can be invaluable in saving a player from total loss and stretching their bankroll. The casino benefits in terms of player retention and attraction.

Another attractive bonus is an exclusive bonus. Here a player receives an exclusive bonus when signing up at a casino after following an exclusive link from a third party site. These exclusive bonuses will generally take the form of match bonuses or no deposit bonuses. No deposit bonuses are relatively common, and are available as exclusive no deposit bonuses or as no deposit free play bonuses.

The free play bonus involves a cash advance to players for signing up with a site, or to promote certain games. Perhaps the most lucrative bonuses are offered to high stakes players in the form of high-roller bonuses. These are offered for large deposits made and are characteristically made by highly reputable branded casinos. The other types of bonus are particular to the casino in question and include weekly and monthly bonuses, reloading bonuses and refer-a-friend bonuses.

The bonuses themselves are fundamentally either cashable or non-cashable. Cashable bonuses can be withdrawn, whereas non-cashable or sticky bonuses cannot be withdrawn. These sticky bonuses can be utilised alongside a players’ deposit for betting purposes on any game, and any winnings achieved using the bonus can be freely withdrawn.


Robyn Barnes